How to take advantage of loyalty cards (loyalty cards: why use them)

The loyalty cards are a reward of the companies to the fidelity of the clients. They are that recognition to the effort to stay true to a brand or product.

It is very interesting to see a customer who is happy with the service or product he received. When a company gives you a loyalty card, it means that both you and the company are doing something right.

But not everything remains in the delivery of the cards: take advantage of them can be very beneficial for your economy and give you greater chances of obtaining other major benefits in the future.

The reward in the cupboard

Typical: you go to your favorite store and make use of a credit to pay for that refrigerator that you needed so much. As a good payer you are, you settle it on time and without paying interest that complicates your finances.

Once you give your last payment, you receive a notification to announce that you are the winner of a loyalty card to stay in line with your payments throughout the year the credit lasted.

Surely you are surprised by this news, but if you do a recount of the occasions when you have visited the same store over the last few years, everything makes sense. You became a loyal customer of that store and the loyalty card is a way to recognize your loyalty.

When they give you your loyalty card and once you’re at home, you see it, analyze it and take it to the cupboard, to the little corner where all the Mexican families put those important papers that we will never forget … but they stay there for years.

And you never know about your card again. True or false?

Well, let us tell you that these loyalty rewards can give you more benefits than you think.

Get out of the pothole with your loyalty card

Those loyalty cards that many people accumulate and never occupy are much more than an adornment to your excellent credit history.

Imagine that you have an emergency that is not included in your budget. And like anyone who knows how to foresee these things, you know that you have a certain amount of money that can support you in those difficult times.

That card of loyalty that many people forget in the most recondite drawer of their house maybe is an opportunity to get out of that economic trouble in which they can be found.

Then you have an unexpected commitment or something to fix at the last minute in your home that can not wait any longer. You know you need extra money but you do not want to resort to a large loan because you only need a certain amount.

And what to say about the procedures to carry it out: weeks of confirmation to solve this need that must be resolved immediately.

Fortunately, many stores and banking institutions can offer their services through loyalty cards, which in addition to rewarding the client for their great effort and commitment to payment, work as allies when you need extra help for your economy.

You would like someone to put in your shoes to get that extra money because you know that your excellent record supports you.

You know that being regular with your finances can always bring good things, like having the peace of mind of being up to date with banking institutions and, above all, without the feeling that it causes you to imagine how you will do to make ends meet.

Have you ever been rewarded for being such a good payer?

At Credifiel we want to reward your efforts to keep your economy afloat and keep your payments current. To you, that you strive month after month to pay off your debts, that you acquire a commitment and fulfill it until the end.

For you, we have Credifiel Premium, a recognition to your will and your desire to succeed.

Credifiel Premium is a card that will help you and be your ally when you need it the most. With this new card, we want to be part of the solution for your economy or for that incident that you did not expect or for that adventure that you are about to undertake.

They say that efforts always lead to a reward and with Credifiel Premium we want to make a difference because it is not just another loan: it is a credit card that gives you the ease and portability that only Broxel, with Mastercard, can offer you.

For all those challenges that our most loyal customers can face, Credifiel Premium comes as a reward for your desire to grow and as a support so that these unforeseen events do not become snowballs for your economy.

How does it work?

Credifiel Premium is a loyalty card to our most loyal and fulfilled clients. It works as a loan via Direct Debit: that is, you will be deducted from an account the amount agreed to cover your credit without having to move a finger.

And best of all, you’ll have that loan between $ 1,000 and $ 6,000 pesos that you need so much without so many formalities or pretexts- click to read Orgues Daurade.

If you also want to be rewarded for your effort, do not stop making your punctual payments to enjoy the benefits of being a Premium Credifiel customer:

  • Have money immediately:

Without so much paperwork and without so much effort; that the excellence of your history speaks for you and gives you the opportunity to meet those goals immediately and without much fuss. You just need to check that you are a regular customer with us!

  • Have a card that distinguishes you as a satisfied client:

Nothing like the security that a card can give you. Forget cash and take your money where you need without risking the loss of money or theft.

  • Ease of activating your card from the Broxel or Web App:

You do not have to return to the branch to activate your Credifiel Premium card. You can do it from the App, downloading it from the Play Store for Android or the App Store for iPhone or the website.

  • Control of your Credifiel Premium account:

In addition to having your balance on hand, your banking movements, the places you can pay with your card, the services you can pay such as water, electricity or the internet. Everything, thanks to the App that will help you remotely.

And as we trust in your performance, we give you a maximum term of 30 days, in case the partialities are biweekly or 45 days if your payment is monthly.

You do not need to do a lot of paperwork. You only need to have online the payments of your previous credits, have updated your contact information and address to start enjoying the benefits of being a customer Credifiel Premium, which supports your effort and your loyalty.

Credifiel Premium, your ideal support

Your Credifiel Premium card works like any other, it has national ATM coverage and allows you to make interbank transfers between your Credifiel card and other banking services.

In addition, it allows you to make online payments while you have a service to carry out this action with Mastercard cards. And the best! Pay your services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere, all with the power of your Credifiel Premium card.

The biggest reward is that with your card you can increase your excellent credit history and enjoy all the benefits and services that Credifiel has for satisfied clients like you.