Debt consolidation companies

The shocking headline “Montoro is studying the perpetuity of the autonomy debt”. It seems that Cristóbal plans to extend the maturity of the debts of the autonomies with the State, even going so far that this term is perpetual, that is, that it is not. are there any good debt consolidation companies

If all the debt were converted into perpetual, which looks like this in a future not very future, the autonomies, in their liabilities, will put the debt they have with the State, which ranges from the 2.996 million euros that Cantabria must the 76,831 of Catalonia. With a total sum of 284,407 million.

And in the Assets, the same amount, with a name: “Perpetuation of the debt with the State”. They will put it like that because if they put “Forgiveness of the debt by the creditor” would be ugly.

The explanation that is given to me is picturesque. “Technically, it would not imply a formal removal of the debt, although it is true that, in practice, the State would not charge it.” And I add, so there are any doubts: NEVER.

The game of autonomies is very interesting. That I gave you autonomy. That you believed. That you spent on the necessary and the unnecessary. Nobody wanted to lend you money. I lent it to you. As I know you will NEVER give it back to me, I convert it into perpetual debt. What good, because I will continue spending.

To the “what good, because I will continue spending,” the Americans call “moral hazard” and the Spaniards, “moral hazard”, which is what happens when, once converted my debt into debt to pay NEVER, I begin to spend again, because, if I pass, one day some finance minister will turn my debt perpetually.

And so on, until someone asks: do we still play autonomies or do we definitely load them, recognizing that they were a good invention in 1978, but that they have spent 40 years and have become 17 little entities that want to assert their rights, when, in confidence, they have NONE?

Naturally, when someone tells you not to worry, he will NEVER pay you, you also tell him that you will control how the money is spent. And again, mess! Mess for not speaking clearly, not to say that we are going to review the state model, not to say that Spain is too small to invent so many little nations, too, with so many presidents, governments, parliaments, courts of justice, ombudsmen, etc. In addition, some of them do not want to be Spanish, and the money that Spain has given to Spain is spent. Which, if it were not a tragedy, would be a real comedy.

Mariano, now you are not in a position to change the state model. But point somewhere, as soon as you calm down a bit, attacking your enemies and not your friends, radically eliminating the crap of your party, throwing into the street those who made it and those who consumed it, after have exhausted all the arguments -fake- in their favor and have recognized that yes, they knew everything, because one who is in charge of something if they do not know what happens in that something is foolish lost in the best of cases and a scoundrel in the most probable …, points out, I say again, that we must study the state model and change it.

I know that some – many – when they talk about re-centralization they open their flesh and their faces change, but children, what are we going to do? It has always been hard to face the truth. And if the truth touches the pocket of enough, harder.

And now, we even have an anthem, with lyrics !!

PS 1

1. I can not guarantee that I am in the truth, but frequently, for example, today, they ask me if there are too many politicians.

2. And, seeing the Spanish panorama and seeing so many people living in politics while many of them are dedicated, with a very serious face, to things that in normal life are called a waste of time, I think again that there are people here.

3. In order not to leave half-finished work, to finish the topic of the spokespersons, which is in the “Tontadicas” folder, accompanying the members of the ineffable Bibiana.

PS 2

1. By the way, I have the impression that Catalonia is better managed now than when it “governed” this nice guy who lives in Brussels and to whom I still have the impression that his people do not know what to do with him.

2. And, in addition, I believe that a situation that I have seen other times is repeated. When one of the members of a band dies, everyone blames everything.

3. Well – I still have impressions – it seems to me that these waiters, in front of a court, begin to say that they did not want to, but that Carles insisted. In other words, they treat him like a dead person. Politician, but deceased

PS 3

1. I said that his people do not know what to do with him. Those not yours, they know it. I know it. I said it in the title of an article that I wrote somewhere: stay in Brussels, live well there!

2. I do not know how much it will cost, but it seems that the ANC has funds. And do not worry, if by dint of paying bail they run out, they could do a crowdfunding campaign.

3. Many would participate.

4. Very comfortable.

5. I have the impression.