Almost a third of the 59.3 million budget of the Diputación de Guadalajara for 2018 will be for investments

The budget of the Provincial Council of Guadalajara for this year, which will be discussed next Wednesday, day 21, in full, amounts to 59.3 million euros, being the most investor in recent years, to dedicate investments to almost a third of the accounts and with zero debt.

A budget that has been presented this Friday by the president of the institution, José Manuel Latre, accompanied by the vice president, Ana Guarinos, who have highlighted the reduction of debt in the eight years of PP government until the accountant is “to zero”, according to the chief executive of the Corporation.

A budget in which the investment is already 35% of it and for which it has had qualifications as balanced, without a deficit, responsible and which prioritizes the attention to the municipalities.

Latre wanted to highlight in a special way the fact that the County Council has no debt thanks to the management of recent years, after finding an institution in which in 2011, the debt stood at 70 million euros and was has been reducing, allocating this money to an investment.

The president of the Corporation himself has clarified that, although before they could not request loans for the debt that they had, today if they need them, they could ask for them- at least 10 places to choose from.

“Today, the Diputación has no debt, we are close to 70 million euros of debt, but the management of the last eight years has allowed the institution to be cleaned up and the times of greater investment in the municipalities of the province”, has incised Latre.



Employment will continue to be a priority for this exercise, according to Latre, with a dedication of more than two million euros to active policies, its own plan, all with the aim of establishing a population in the most disadvantaged areas and small towns.

“There are more than two million euros that we will allocate to policies related to employment with mainly our own funds,” said Latre, highlighting his own Employment Plan with an investment of 800,000 euros to settle the population in disadvantaged areas.

In addition to the Dipuemplea Plus program, this year there will also be the Dipuemplea Joven for people between 16 and 30 years old, and the Guadalajara Emprende will be launched, which, according to Latre, is essential to promote a strategy in the Henares Corridor and other areas of industrial influence in the province.

It has also announced an increase in contribution to both Rural Development Groups and small businesses for their maintenance.


The president has influenced the commitment, not yet fulfilled, of the Board with the province to allocate 8 million euros to local employment initiatives in disadvantaged areas, within the Operational Program European Social Fund for the period 2014-2020.

Regarding the infrastructure, he said that the roads that have not been subject to action and require improvements and the Road Plan will continue, as well as the implementation of the electronic administration.

For the president, tourism and actions aimed at promoting and promoting it will continue to be a constant because many people live on it, hence the continuation of projects such as the “Journey to the Alcarria”, although this year there will be a special attention to Romanesque Rural and the literary route of the Camino del Cid.